Business-Arts District

Linden Tennessee Business and Art District

Welcome to Linden’s Business and Arts District!!

Downtown Linden’s walking area offer’s so much small town charm with it’s retail shops and various business’s. Most of the downtown area surrounds the County Courthouse and throughout the year is host to several event’s that you will want to make sure you don’t miss. Such as the annual Blooming Arts Festival in March, Music on Main Street, and many others – check out our Events page for what upcoming events are scheduled.

Art is everywhere in Linden, Tennessee, the result of a 2009 summer youth empowerment program that staffed nearly 65 local individuals aged 14-24. Within the larger program, the art department employed 20 young people to create a dozen works of public art. The program, styled after the WPA programs of the thirties and forties, encouraged youth to explore their creativity within a collaborative group problem-solving environment.

Over the course of eight weeks, eleven professional artists were hired to facilitate the creation of public art. The projects encompassed clay, painting, assemblage, glass mosaic, weaving, basketry and environmental sculpture.



Working with a dynamic group of artists—and art mediums—provided youth employees the opportunity to experience art from a range of perspectives, all while developing both their critical thinking and technical art making skills. The byproduct of their efforts is Linden’s Arts & Historic District: one of a series of community based economic development initiatives.

While the Arts District lies at the foundation of a plan to draw business and tourism, it stands as a testimonial to the town’s spirit and life-changing experiences of the youth who helped develop it. As fresh paint replaced long-faded murals and happy imagery stylized the trash cans, the affects rippled through the community in a spirit of renewal. This, while a depression-era economic downturn otherwise gripped the community.

“I think we all learned that with a little help and some support, a few “kids” can make a big difference in a small town,” said 15-year old Traver Duncan.

Indeed, these “kids” have made a difference. This is their story.


Murals, multi-media art, clay tiles, storefronts, even the trash cans are art in downtown Linden! The Linden Arts & Historic District features over a dozen pieces of public art all created in response to the area’s history and natural beauty.