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Beautiful of the Tennessee River from the primitive campground at Mousetail

Fishing in the Buffalo or Tennessee Rivers

Fishing is great in the Tennessee, where you can bring your own boat and find the perfect fishing hole. 

You can also fish from the bank at Mousetail State Park.  Mousetail State Park, established as an official Tennessee State Park in 1986, offers a free launch site at the part of the park known as primitive campgrounds.  There is an inlet on the Tennessee River, further north of Mousetail, which is a good launch site for a kayak.  And of course the open river is there for the intrepid. Whether you have a boat or not, you can enjoy swimming, fishing and cook that fish right out in the open park at any of the scattered charcoal grills at the primitive campgrounds.  This is going to be the best fish you've ever tasted!

Mayor Wess Ward loves duck huntingMousetail State Park

The park has 11 miles of trails, including mountain bike trails, 24 prepared campsites, a swimming beach, a boat landing, fishing pier, sports fields and courts, an archery range and an enclosed event pavilon.

Some say Mousetail got its name when a fire burned the tanneries based there during the Civil War.  When the fire started, the mice and rats ran out of the boats by the... well, the boatload!  Others say it's named for the curl in the main inlet design.  Most believe the tannery fire started the name.

There is a swimming beach at the main side of the park, a family pavillion with grills, and a children's gym set, with benches for Mom and Dad or grandparents.  There is also a ball field where you can get a good walk by skirting the woods on the open meadow.  

Buffalo River

The Buffalo River is a wild river, meaning there are no damns on it, no manmade obstructions to its natural flow.  This makes it the perfect canoe or kayak ride, just a lazy ride on a sunny day.  Or take your own innertube and float down the river (which in this case is heading north).   

The Buffalo Rivers wanders for 120 miles between Lawrence and Humphrey counrties, and it passes Waynesboro where you will find the Crazy Horse Recreational Park.  The river is spring-fed, so the water is clear and clean.  From there it goes into Lewis County where the State's Blueway project has a designated launch site.  You can visit the website Buffalo River TN for more information on their location.  There are more launch sites on the river when it reaches Perry County, including a Boy Scout campground at a beautiful location on the river.  

There is a canoe rental business just north of Lobelville, Heath's, open during the spring-summer season only.  And there is a public launch site in Linden, on Short Creek which empties into the Buffalo, for your canoe or kayak.  There are quite a few tour guides for the Buffalo who will guide you to the great swimming holes and point out the flora and fauna of the river.  If you are not interested in getting in the water, be sure to bring your camera.  You will not want to miss memorializing the experience.


Being the least dense county in Tennessee, Perry County has great duck and deer hunting.  Consult the TWRA website for hunting restrictions.  Land is available for lease and sale.  Just get in touch with local realtors like Richardson Real Estate who can help guide you.  

The TVA website states the following about hunting on TVA owned land:

Hunting and fishing are permitted on undeveloped TVA public lands in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations, unless otherwise posted. Please note, however, that hunting is prohibited on other TVA lands—such as TVA dam reservations, power plant reservations, power substations, and developed recreation areas (such as campgrounds and day-use areas)—unless otherwise posted.   Possession and use of firearms and other weapons are permissible on undeveloped TVA public lands subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations, unless otherwise posted. If there is a conflict between federal rules/laws and other laws, federal rules/laws prevail.

More information about hunting on TVA land is found here:  https://www.tva.com/search-results?indexCatalogue=content-search&searchQuery=hunting&wordsMode=AllWords

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